So Much Cuteness

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Not long after arriving in Florida for the winter my sister mentioned that at a local park there were some Egypitian Goose chicks and she said they were cute. Well she was not lying, the little goslings were incredibly cute. I'm guessing they were not much more then a week or so old here, and the four of them stayed close to the parents. This was the first morning I went out to photograph them and they were incredibly cooperative. Because the park is always filled with people the birds are all used to having people around and once I laid down on the ground anywhere near them, they would walk right up to me. This was taken just after sunrise, before the sun had cleared the nearby trees so the light was super soft and very pleasing for this little chick. Thanks to a small hill, the background of grass came up far behind it and gave me that lovely smooth background.

  • Location: Easy Street Park in Sebastian, Florida.

  • Date Taken: 01/06/2019

  • Exposure: 1/500 @ f/4

  • ISO: 800

  • Exposure Mode: Manual

  • Focal Length: 500mm

  • Lens: Nikon 500mm f/4 VR

  • Camera: Nikon D4s

Nature photography has become a very passionate hobby of mine and whenever I get a chance I love to get outside and enjoy being outdoors. I am also the co-owner of KGM Expressions, a wedding and portrait photography business, with my wife Kim. This is how we make our living and I love that we get to do that together.