Vulture on Dolphin Carcass - (Graphic Content)

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Sometimes nature is rough and this photo is one more gruesome that I've ever captured. I hadn't noticed the dolphin carcass at first as I walked along the beach. I had been photographing a Little Blue Heron right in front of me when I noticed some Turkey Vultures coming in low and then landing. Once the heron left I focused my attention on the vultures to see what they might be after. I quickly realized it was this carcass. It was at this point that I realized the strange branches I had been laying next to earlier where the spinal bones of the seperated dolphin carcass, I'm glad I didn't touch them! I watched and photographed as the vultures picked at the carcass trying to get something off of the little bit that was left. It was not the prettiest scene but this is how these birds feed and at least I found a pretty background for it all!

• Location: Cape Coral, Florida

• Date Taken: 2/2/2019

• Exposure: 1/500 @ f/4

• ISO: 640 - auto

• Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority

• Focal Length: 500mm

• Lens: Nikon 500mm f/4 VR

• Camera: Nikon D4s

Nature photography has become a very passionate hobby of mine and whenever I get a chance I love to get outside and enjoy being outdoors. I am also the co-owner of KGM Expressions, a wedding and portrait photography business, with my wife Kim. This is how we make our living and I love that we get to do that together.