Louisiana Waterthrush and Flowers

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By far the most cooperative Louisiana Waterthrush I've ever worked with was this exact bird. I had spent a couple of hours with a different bird about 1/4 mile upstream and got some great shots. I left the first bird and found this one downstream and as soon as I went down near the shoreline of the small river the bird was right near me and feeding on the rocks in the river and on the shoreline. I found this completely mossy covered rock about 10 feet from these lovely little yellow flowers growing along the shoreline and so I placed the rock next to the flowers in the hopes that this bird might hop onto it. At one point he landed behind the rock and flowers about 5 feet and then began to work his way downstream which was incidentally towards me and the mossy rock! Since the rock was right at the water's edge the bird had to either hop onto it or walk around it. To my absolute joy it hopped into the rock, gave a quick song, and then jumped down and continued foraging. I got 4 frames of the bird on this perch and this was my favorite. The light was near perfect as the clouds were just beginning to thin out and I had bright but really soft light and the uncluttered background was a nice bonus. While I wanted to celebrate and check out the photo on my camera I kept paying attention to the bird as it worked its way along the shoreline towards me. I shot until I no longer could because it was too close to focus on. I took my eye away from the camera and just watched as the bird foraged roughly 5 feet away. It was so neat to watch it pick up and flip over dead leaves to look for food underneath. While far from the flashiest of the warblers these birds are one of the coolest around to me because of their habitat and feeding behaviors around running water.

• Location: Just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

• Date Taken: April 12, 2019

• Exposure: 1/800 @ f/4

• ISO: 400 - auto

• Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority

• Focal Length: 500mm

• Lens: Nikon 500mm f/4 VR

• Camera: Nikon D4s

Nature photography has become a very passionate hobby of mine and whenever I get a chance I love to get outside and enjoy being outdoors. I am also the co-owner of KGM Expressions, a wedding and portrait photography business, with my wife Kim. This is how we make our living and I love that we get to do that together.