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Piping Plovers


Spend a morning along the central New Jersey coast photographing the adorable Piping Plover. We will be attempting to time our visit to coincide with the hatching of the chicks but this cannot be guaranteed. You will definitely see adult Piping Plovers which are still a blast to photograph but hopefully the tiny chicks will be running all around you as well! The Piping Plover will be the main target of this outing but other shorebirds can also be seen and photographed at the location.  

What to Expect:

  • If all goes well you will have adult Piping Plovers and their adorable chicks running all around you as you lay on the beach in early morning sunlight.

  • This is a 5am start time! We will be starting before sunrise so that we can be set up when the sun comes over the horizon. (hopefully it will be a clear day)

  • Getting to the location will require a rather long walk (10-15 minutes) through very soft sand and we will be moving quickly to get to the location before sunrise, if you may be unable to handle that type of walk this is not the outing for you.

  • To get similar photos that I have shared here will require using your camera at ground level.  We will be crawling around and laying directly in the sand, sometimes it can be wet sand as well.  Be prepared to get messy and have your camera possible get messy and even sandy.  

  • Limited to 4 attendees so as not to overwhelm the birds and so I can give each person a good amount of attention during the outing.


  • I recommend lenses from 300mm-600mm
  • A right angle (90 degree) viewfinder is recommended for making it easier to shoot low angle photos and save your neck from a lot of pain.
  • If you are using a larger lens then a ground pod is recommended or low angle photos
  • You will have to arrive at the designated location at 5am, there will be no waiting for anyone late so if you don't arrive on time it will be your responsibility to find the group.
  • I recommend lightweight waterproof pants and either a waterproof shirt or any shirt that will dry out quickly.  Long sleeves are recommended since if you wear short sleeves your elbows will be really sore after an hour or two crawling in the sand.
  • It is not required to lay in the sand to photograph these birds but the photos will look much better if you do and it also allows them to approach much closer. If you are walking around or even sitting up they will not usually approach you.

What I will Provide:

  • The exact location we will be photographing these birds
  • Tips and suggestions on how best to approach and photograph the Piping Plovers
  • Suggestions for lighting and composition based on the weather
  • I will be happy to answer any photography questions you may have
  • The fee includes photography for 2.5 hours. 5am arrival, 5:30 setup for photography until 8am. You of course are more then welcome to stay past that on your own.  If it's a clear day then usually the light begins to get rather harsh at this point which is why it will wrap up at 8am.
  • Monday June 12th will be the rain date if the weather does not cooperate

You can view some sample photos of the Piping Plovers that I have photographed at this exact location. If you would like to book this outing please click the button at the top to request a spot.  

Later Event: March 4
Barnegat Light in Winter - $175