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Fall Shorebirds Workshop

  • Stone Harbor Point Beach 2nd avenue and 122nd St. Stone Harbor, NJ 08247 (map)


$25 deposit to reserve spot

  • Length: 3 hours

  • Hard Difficulty: Laying prone and crawling in wet and dry sand, sitting or laying in shallow water, sometimes waves, lots of standing and laying down.

    Use the contact form to reserve your spot

The summer is nearing an end and the shorebirds are now gathering along the shore before heading south. Join me along the New Jersey beaches to photograph the many shorebirds that gather. We’ll be laying in the sand and letting the birds walk to us and around us. Hopefully it’s a clear sunny day so we can take advantage of the last rays of sunlight on the wide open beach.  


  • Lots of shorebirds working along the ocean’s edge

  • Feeding shorebirds as they pull worms from the wet sand

  • If it is a clear day you will be able to photograph until the last bit of sun since it is a wide open beach


  • Lenses from 300mm to 600mm recommended

  • A ground pod or some low level support system is recommended for low perspective angles. If you can hand hold your rig that will be fine as well.

  • A right angle viewfinder attachment is recommended to save your neck while shooting prone for extended periods of time.

  • The sand will sometimes be wet so if you are concerned with getting sand (wet or dry) on your camera or lens then I suggest using a rain sleeve to protect your gear.

  • As mentioned above often the sand will be wet so be prepared to get yourself wet and dirty, we will be laying on the ground most of the time.


  • Professional tips and suggestions how to achieve unique and nice looking photos of shorebirds on an open beach.

  • Suggestions for different lighting options as well as pleasing backgrounds

  • Answers to any questions regarding bird photography or camera settings

Target Species:


  • Semi-palmated Plover

  • Sanderling

  • Ruddy Turnstone


  • Black-bellied Plover

  • Piping Plover

  • Semipalmated Sandpiper

  • Western Sandpiper

  • Red Knot

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