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Northern Parula Workshop

  • Southern-Northern New Jersey (map)
001_northern parula.jpg


$25 deposit to reserve your spot

  • Length: 3 hours

  • Easy Difficulty: Limited hiking mainly on paths, standing shooting.

    One of the more tropical looking warbler species the Northern Parula is a very tiny yet stunning bird to see in person. The slate blue coloring with the yellow throat and breast, splashes of rusty browns on the breast and the lovely little green patch on the back is a very unique color combination. They have such a fun song to hear in the forest in the morning as well! Please join me to see and photograph these lovely little warblers in southern New Jersey.


  • We will be walking along paths on level ground in southern New Jersey. All locations will be not far from the parking areas.

  • Fast moving birds that don’t stay still for very long. Having the ability to quickly find the subject in the frame as well as acquire focus fast is helpful.

  • Lots of seeing the birds up high in the trees and short moment when they come down to eye level for us to photograph them.

  • Learning the calls of the species we are after so you can identify them yourself and find them in the future.


  • Lenses from 300mm to 600mm recommended

  • Monopod or tripod unless you can hand hold your rig. I recommend a monopod for easier and faster movement.

  • It’s getting into tick season so I recommend wearing clothing with insect repellent or I wear clothes sprayed with Permathrin


  • 3 hours of wildlife photography instruction tailored for warbler photography in the forest. Seeking out nice perches and clean backgrounds and taking advantage of lighting.

  • Suggestions on compositions and creative ways to photograph these birds.

  • I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding camera settings or techniques.