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Remote Training or Q&A

$60 for 1 hour

$100 for 2 hours ($50 / additional hour)

Use the contact form to reserve your spot

Remote sessions are great for:

  • Answering any questions you may have, I’ll be an open book

  • Post processing techniques

  • Managing and choosing what photos to keep

  • Portfolio critique

  • Reviewing your photos after attending one of my workshops

We’ll connect via Skype so we can talk and you can share your screen with me to review anything you would like. I can also share my screen with you to give examples or teach editing techniques. If you are just looking to have some questions answered I’ll be happy discuss anything with you (please don’t ask for specific locations of photos). I’ll be happy to discuss gear, shooting techniques, post processing, and suggest tips and how I think when shooting to achieve the images I do. If you are after post processing techniques I’ll walk you step by step through how I edit photos using Lightroom and/or Photoshop. I often show people how I’d edit a photo then have them repeat the process while I guide them through it, it’s a great way to learn. If you are after a portfolio critique or would like to review what you captured after a workshop with me I will be kind but honest, suggesting ways to improve as well as pointing out ways you excelled when capturing a photo.


  • An honest discussion about your current portfolio. I will be kind but not hold back with pointing out things that can be improved upon. If you are not ready to hear that this may not be the workshop for you.

  • I'll be showing you step by step how I would edit some of your photos as you watch on my screen.

  • We will then switch so I can see your screen and talk you through the editing process on your own computer as you do the steps yourself

  • This session is completely customizable to what you want to learn and how you would like to learn it

  • I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to do all of my editing so that is the software I'm most proficient at teaching. If you use other software I'll happily do my best to help you with that.

  • Learn how to leverage adjustment layers and layer masks in Photoshop to take your photos to the next level.

  • Learn basic minor adjustments that make your photos pop to really strong edits that remove unwanted objects and completely change the look of a photo.


  • The online meeting will require you have Skype so that we can share screens with each other. it is free and will allow you to record the session so that you may watch it again. Please download and have it installed and create a username if you don’t already have one before our scheduled meeting.

  • If you are doing a portfolio review then I’ll ask you to send me the images you would like to review.

  • For post processing I'll ask you to choose a few photos that you would like to edit and send me the original RAW files. I can send a private file request if you do not have an easy way to send them to me.

  • I'll ask that you put together a list of topics or questions you would specifically like to learn or go over so we can make sure to discuss the exact topics you are interested in.

  • A basic understanding of Lightroom and/or Photoshop is highly recommending for post processing. For Photoshop an understanding of layers and cloning is helpful but not required.


  • One on one online critique of your current wildlife photography portfolio

  • Step by step instruction to show you how I would edit some of your photos

  • Step by step walk through as you edit your photos

  • Answer to any questions you have about all things photography related as well as post processing and workflow.

Below you can see some before and after examples to see the difference good post processing can make in the final photo.  The before images are straight out of the camera and the final edit shown.  My style of editing is not for every wildlife photographer but if you are looking to make your photos shine with solid editing techniques then this could be the online workshop for you.