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Custom Nature/Wildlife Photography Private Workshop - Year Round

$250 for up to 4 hours

I believe the best way to learn many things are to do them yourself, this particularly applies to photography.  When anyone asks my opinion on the best way to get better at photography the first thing I tell them is to get out and shoot, a lot, I mean take photos as often as you possibly can.  You will learn so much with your camera in your hand and just getting out there.  That being said it can also be really nice to have someone with a lot of experience by your side to help guide your way.  You still have to do the work of taking the photos but you can certainly get some tips, tricks and at least a different way to approach photography by learning from others.  

What to Expect:

  • A 1-on-1 experience tailored to your exact needs
  • Learn to to plan and visualize a wildlife photo and put in the work necessary to achieve that goal
  • Set goals beyond capturing standard portraits with wildlife
  • Learn how to take the most advantage of what a given location offers
  • Learn how to take advantage of varied lighting conditions 

What I Will Provide:

  • Professional tips and suggestions how to achieve clear, sharp and well exposed and composed wildlife photos.
  • Travel up to 1 hour from my home in Clementon, NJ (additional travel fee is $25/hour)
  • I'll answer any questions you may have about wildlife photography and technical camera settings.
  • We will review suggested gear options and what works best for different scenarios

I would thoroughly enjoy getting the chance to be that helpful person for you and I feel the best way for you to learn from me is a one-on-one experience.  This way you can go at your pace and ask anything you can possibly think of.  My nature photography workshops are a 3 hour private workshop where I will be an open book.  I will tell you my personal approach to nature photography as well as some tricks I've learned along the way.  I'll tell you all about the gear and settings that I recommend and most importantly we'll talk a lot about lighting.  We will spend a good amount of time out in the field where you can try out and apply the different topics we discuss. 

Later Event: December 29
Lightroom for Wildlife (online course)