Learning with Workshops and Online Training

The most economical way to join a workshop with me and a group of like minded people to learn and enjoy photographing wildlife. These workshops are scheduled for specific dates and may have a rain date associated with them if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Anytime workshops are a great chance to work with me 1-on-1 at the convenience of your schedule. They are available anytime during the listed date range and offer a much wider variety of species to photograph. They are reserved on an hourly basis but of course if you are out and enjoying the workshop and want to add more time while you are there you certainly can! The listings are broken down by season (some species cross seasons) and if you don’t see something you are specifically interested don’t hesitate to contact me and ask.

These programs are available at 3 different tiers to suit your budget and available time and commitment. Starting with online only and ranging up to two 1-on-1 workshops with me each month. This is the best way to learn on a regular basis and grow both your technical skills and your creativity. Every mentorship is custom tailored to your skill level and the goals you want to achieve.

Connect with me directly via remote screen sharing to learn more about post processing, ask any questions you want or even get a portfolio review and critique. You can use a Remote Training Session to learn whatever you would like or check out the online video tutorials for both Lightroom or Photoshop that I have available for rent or purchase.


Check out what people are saying who have worked with me, or leave your own review if you have had the chance to work with me.